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Scott teaches from the unique viewpoint of the attacker so that role can be better understood in order for it to be neutralised at the earliest possible opportunity.

You can book Scott to speak at your martial arts event to run a seminar at your club or to be a guest instructor.

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Few people work as hard, or are as dedicated in their pursuit of knowledge and personal skill improvement as Scott, nor as keen in ensuring that there is constant progression through constant hard work.

Peter Consterdine 9th Dan Karate, Joint Chief Instructor - British Combat Association

Scott Caldwell has many obvious qualities as a Martial Artist: knowledge, technical ability, aggression, speed etc. Less obvious but very apparent to those of us who know him is intelligence; he's a bright guy who understands the application of techniques and their adaptation at an individual level. This intelligence informs his teaching and his engaging style. Now I'm not saying he's not a bit nuts, he's definitely a few mats short of a full Dojo floor, but that's no bad thing in this game, the best are a little crazy.

Stewart McGill, UKM Founder

Never met him physically but connected right away in a warriors spiritual way. Know two things, wouldn't want him mad or coming after me and secondly, couldn't have anyone better fighting alongside of you or back to back.

Sabato Trent, Martial Arts Hall of Famer USA

A true General of today’s reality based martial arts. No nonsense, a true gentleman.

Lucci Del Guardio, Self Defence Instructor and Head of LDG Combat

For fast, efficient results in real potentially life threatening situations you need techniques that are easy to remember but work. This is what Scott excels in and his passion in what he does guarantees your success in mastering the techniques.

Chris Mayers, Security Professional and Director of Arca Securities

Scott won't cheat you, what he teaches is tried and tested and works in the real world.

Tony Hughes, Student