REAL Fighting: Realisation, Evaluation, Annihilation, Leave!

REAL is the ‘anti martial art’ created by Scott Caldwell, the ‘anti martial artist’!

Its design purpose has been to simplify and strip ALL technique to a bare minimum and create a confident mindset in all who employ it, without fear of ‘freezing’ or ‘mental logjam’.

REAL specialises in physical pain, confusion and disorientation, as well as psychological warfare in order to combat high-level violence. It is not meant to be pretty, or impressive to look at, it’s sole purpose is to get you home quick and safe in the unfortunate event you are forced to use it.

Unlike most self defence systems, REAL focuses solely on what you can do to your attacker, without trying to pre-empt what your attacker will or could do to you.

Turn the tables on your would-be assailant using REAL techniques and employing ‘simplicity with ferocity’!