“My years on this planet have been littered with violence in all its ugly forms!
I have been beaten, raped, stabbed, shot at, sliced, diced, spiked, bottled, barred, glassed, chaired, butted, stamped on, set on, shat on, spat on, chased, maced, beasted, mauled, brawled, fucked and ran out of luck.”

Through to his many years at the sharp end of real violence in the UK and Europe as what he terms, ‘a professional bastard’, Scott has had a more unique viewpoint than most on the harsh realities of violence in its rawest form.

While serving almost 5 years of a 9 year sentence Scott resolved that it was time to live life by other means and committed himself to teaching the public how to deal with the sort of problem he once was. Scott describes himself during these years as “a loyal friend but ferocious enemy.”

“I wish to state for the record that anything I describe or retell of my past through my teaching is never to glamourise or glorify the life I led but merely to give a background to and qualify my experience and standpoint on what I believe to be a very important subject. I make no excuses or apologies for my past existence but can say, without hesitation, I have gone to great lengths to reset the balance.”

With his past firmly behind him, Scott has since become a…

👊 Martial Arts Hall of Famer
👊 Regular writer and public speaker on the subject of violence
👊 Martial Arts Guardian
👊 Founder of REAL Fighting
👊 Fight Choreographer and Actor
👊 Security Company Owner
👊 BRITISH COMBAT ASSOCIATION registered instructor
👊 2x Senior instructor in – ADVANCED TACTICAL COMBAT and KAPAP
👊 Instructor in URBAN KRAV MAGA
👊 3x Black belt (3rd Dan)

As well as being quoted in papers and magazines, Scott is also featured in Volume One of Martial Masters by Dan Holloway and Lucci Del-Gaudio, which interviews some of the best martial artists in the world. You can buy a copy of the book here.

A DVD and book on REAL Fighting are currently in production.

Scott specialises in…

  • The psychology of violence
  • Close Quarter Combat
  • Edged/Blunt Weapon Defence
  • 3rd Party Protection
  • Personal Protection
  • Leverage Technique
  • Multiple Attack Threat

Scott in Quotes…

“Some might say I’ve been unfortunate.
I say, “I’m still fuckin here though, aren’t I!”

“Realisation, Evaluation, Annihilation, Leave!”

“Keep Your Friends Close, Bury Your Enemies Deep!”

“There is nothing original about me. I am the combined efforts of every fucker I ever fought”

“I have neither the talent nor the patience for the extraordinary. Direct is all I know.”

“Learn the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist”

“Look deeply into my eyes and you can clearly see the horrors they’ve seen”

“Better the dock than the morgue”

“Your stripes are on your belt? That’s cute! My stripes stain every inch of my person!”

“ALL LIFE MATTERS………. but if you threaten mine, in the blink of an eye, suddenly that statement seems less important now…”

“I don’t wanna be a product of my environment, I want my environment to be a product of me”

“For every level there’s another devil”

“A little bit of pain never hurt anyone”

“I’d like to open you up and play with your blood!”

“REAL solutions to REAL violence in a REAL world”

“If any man stands between you and your home, destroy him and proceed as planned”

“Hear my ROAAAAARRR!!!”