My seminars are designed to cause discomfort and disorientation through many psychological and physical methods in order to attempt to replicate* a particular set of emotions one would experience during a genuine violent encounter. The aim is to take you from the security of the dojo and into a place of real fear and adrenal confusion, then strip technique down to its most base level so as to deal with whatever threat is faced with efficiency and swiftness, without the concern of mental ‘logjam’.

Four hours with me will not be the easiest or most enjoyable time you will have spent on this earth but may end as the most personally satisfying.

* Despite what some textbook teachers will have you believe, it is absolutely impossible to recreate the chaotic cocktail of a live violent encounter. However, through various psychological and physical exercises it is at least possible to get a brief taste.

Seminar Plan – Stages

1. Warm up and stress tests

2. Introduction of Scott’s Background

3. Introduction of REAL Core Principles

4. Favoured Techniques, Combinations and Viable Connections

5. Dark Arts

6. Pressure Test and Review


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