Few people work as hard, or are as dedicated in their pursuit of knowledge and personal skill improvement as Scott, nor as keen in ensuring that there is constant progression through constant hard work. There is no better illustration for this than in the quality of Scott’s students and they are a testament to the care and attention he gives through his teaching.
Scott has not stood still in his search for a truly workable defensive tactics system and he has very skilfully blended his many years of traditional martial arts with the best of the Urban Krav Maga system. I have no hesitation in recommending Scott to anyone who wants to start or improve their martial arts and personal combat skills.

Peter Consterdine 9th Dan Karate
Joint Chief Instructor
British Combat Association


Scott Caldwell has many obvious qualities as a Martial Artist: knowledge, technical ability, aggression, speed etc. Less obvious but very apparent to those of us who know him is intelligence; he’s a bright guy who understands the application of techniques and their adaptation at an individual level.
This intelligence informs his teaching and his engaging style. Now I’m not saying he’s not a bit nuts, he’s definitely a few mats short of a full Dojo floor, but that’s no bad thing in this game, the best are a little crazy.

Stewart McGill
UKM Founder


Scott Caldwell, a man with skill honed out of a life dealing with everyday violence, he has refined the way you have to deal with situations and threats. Along side this he has put the mindset with it – having these skills with a mindset to match makes Scott the perfect solution.

Shihan Keith Priestley


In the world of self defence, experience is king. Scott has been on the wrong side of good many times, where fighting is the only language heard. You survive or lose badly. If it’s real you’re looking for, you just found it!

Russell Jarmesty, Chief Instructor JMA and star of Brutal Bouncer 


A true General of today’s reality based martial arts. No nonsense, a true gentleman.

Lucci Del Guardio, Self Defence Instructor and Head of LDG Combat


Scott has been someone I have admired over the years in the self protection / Defence world. He stripped back the technique driven systems and took it to the real street required outlook. What Scott will show you won’t be pretty and it will offend but it will make sure if it’s you against anyone you will be the one getting home safe.

Stephan Thompson, RAW Combat, Essex


I’ve shared the mat and the dinner table with Scott – we’ve looked deep into each others eyes and what I saw was myself. We have the same mindset and the same values. We remain friends as we strive for the same goals in our martial journey. A real friend and a real martial artist.

John Dermott, Chief instructor at Wigan Applied Karate Jutsu, Career Doorman and Enforcer


Never met him physically but connected right away in a warriors spiritual way. Know two things, wouldn’t want him mad or coming after me and secondly, couldn’t have anyone better fighting alongside of you or back to back.

Sabato Trent, Martial Arts Hall of Famer USA


To me the essence of a great self defence instructor comes in two guises…honesty and passion. Scott Caldwell has these in abundance. Couple this with many years of real world violence and you have a potent system which is not only real but insightful. No tricks, gimmicks or bullshit. I’ve been around in this industry to recognise the snake oil from the genuine and believe you me this is REAL.

Anthony Pillage, Chief Instructor, Way of the Spiritual Warrior


Scott is a fantastic teacher who pushes you to reach new goals. If you haven’t tried the REAL system yet, what are you waiting for?

Daniel Buxton, Student


It’s Scott Caldwell, enough said. Top bloke and fantastic martial artist and instructor.

Jay Ragnar Head, Doorman


Great classes and Scott is a top notch instructor, would highly recommend.

Mike Cromwell, Student


The only thing he has a soft side for is chocolate!

Stephen Dodd, Student


Real through and through. The Brutal Truth! All advice given is from true experience and only what works is used.

Peter Priestley, Student under Shihan Keith Priestley


I like this guy… no matter what you hear, all I have seen confirms he is the real deal. The kind of practitioner you want to learn from and know he has your back. His love of the martial arts and his dedication to excellence and his real life experience separate him from others. If I was on that side of the pond, I’d train with him and also have his back.

Michael Kevin


For fast, efficient results in real potentially life threatening situations you need techniques that are easy to remember but work. This is what Scott excels in and his passion in what he does guarantees your success in mastering the techniques.

Chris Mayers, Security Professional and Director of Arca Securities


Great environment to be pushed to your limits by Scott, a great teacher who teaches you techniques and defences the fast and effective way… different abilities are never frowned upon.

Sonia Fellows, Student


Scott won’t cheat you, what he teaches is tried and tested and works in the real world.

Tony Hughes, Student


Scott’s teaching is fun and aggressive at the same time so you are always learning. Love the sessions. Absolutely awesome.

Muhammad Goolam Rasool, Student


He listens to what you want and delivers. This guy is a legend, nuff said!!!

Simon Alder, Friend and Former Colleague